Indian Spices
We bring forth an ample assortment of natural Indian Cooking Spices, which mainly includes asafetida, bishops weed, cinnamon, cassia etc. Within a short span of time, we have carved a niche as one of the superior coriander seeds exporters from India. They are procured from the well reckoned manufacturers, who always produce best quality spices. Our India cooking spices are very fresh and provide a special aroma to your food. They are very spicy and add flair of taste in your delicacies and food. We are engaged in the business of wholesale sesame seeds and provide a prolific deal to our valuable customers.
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
Our whole cumin Seeds (Jeera) are used as a spice to provide flavor to the food. Cumin seeds are used in varieties of food style like Indian, Cuban, etc. to add a strong yet warm aroma. The aroma in the black cumin seeds is due to the presence of natural oil in the seeds. To get better taste and aroma the cumin seeds are firstly grounded and then added in the food stuff. The best quality cumin seeds are grown in Gujarat city and we are one of the best cumin seeds exporters and suppliers in India.
Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)
Our whole Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) is considered as the king of spices as it is one of the oldest and best known spices. It is used to add flavor to all types of cuisines, sauces, pickles, etc. On the medical grounds it is also very useful as it helps in relieving muscular pains, anemia, poor circulation, stiffness or any type of sports injury. If added with eucalyptus it is also effective in reliving in congestion. We are one of the leading ground black pepper exporters from India. We also provide wholesale black pepper on beneficial deals.
Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)
Dried Bay Leaves (Tej Patta) are useful in beans, split peas, vegetable stews, spaghetti sauce, etc. to enhance the aroma. To add the richness, depth and flavour, the sweet bay leaves are the best option. The bay leaves are very delicate and need extensive care in the handling. We provide wholesale bay leaves to our customers as profitable deals. We are one of the prominent bay leaves exporters from India.
Fenugreek (Methi)
Our Fenugreek (Methi) seeds are full with goodness of all the essential nutrients that are required for controlling the blood pressure and the level of sugar in the blood. The fenugreek seeds are grown in large amount in the areas of India, North and South Africa. We are one of the finest ground fenugreek exporters from India. The dried fenugreek seeds are grounded and used in curries as a spice. The fenugreek seeds are used to add taste to the sea foods. Along with adding taste to food it also helpful in various other uses like increasing breast milk, improving digestive system, etc. Besides, it has multiple uses in the products like soft drinks, ice-creams, chewing gums, etc. From the medical point of view it is also used to prepare tonics, hair conditioners and lip balms.
Tamarind (Imli)
Tamarind (Imli) fruit is used as a spice as it helps in proving tangy taste to the food items. Whole tamarind is used in food as a spice, as a medicine for better digestion, in carpentry use for cleaning of brass objects and many more. We are one of the popular tamarind exporters and suppliers in India.
Garlic (Lehsoon)
Garlic (Lehsoon) bulbs are the spices that belong to the family of onion. It is used for seasoning of food as it has very pungent smell. It is used in kebabs, mezes and other Turkish cuisines. Besides food, it is also useful on medical ground. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc. It also boosts the immunity system, overcomes fatigue, etc. Garlic when roasted provides more zing to the food. We are one of the prominent white garlic exporters and roasted garlic suppliers from India.
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