Indian Rice
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Karnataka Punni Rices
Cuiltivating largely in Karnataka State. This rice is thin and medium grain. It is light weight, silky and aromatic. Because of its fragrant it is considered to be of premium quality. This Ponni Rice is very famous in Singapore, Malaysia and United States. New Corp and Old Corp is also available.
Sharbati Rice
We offer high quality sharbati rice widely preferred in the meals of Indian middle class. Our sharbati steam rice is available in extremely reasonable price. Our sharbati rice is exceedingly delicious. We also deal in superior Indian sharbati rice which is free from any contamination. We are one of the most dependable sharbati rice exporters from the country.
White Sella Rice
Selected from the alluvial regions of India, the white sella rice, offered by us is high in quality and hygiene. Free from any dust or stone particles, the rice is a result of our stringent quality control norms. Available at reasonable prices, white sella is available in superior packaging to increase the shelf life.
Broken Rice
We offer wide variety of broken rice which is highly unadulterated. Our white broken rice is hundred percent safe for consumption. We process our broken rice through completely hygienic process so to retain its natural properties. We also proffer best quality boiled broken rice which has high demand in the market. Besides, we are amongst the topnotch broken rice exporters from India.
Cheap Boiled Rice
Short Grain Boiled Rice : Gujarat State in India is well-known for producing Cheap Boiled Rice. Near Ahmedabad there are around 1000 Rice mill for processing this rice mostly exports in African countries. It contains 5% Broken with maximum of 15% moisture content, and mix of 1% max. It is the cheapest rice available in India.
Polished and Unpolished Rice
The need for improved nutritious food supplements is greatly increasing as the public becomes more health and weight conscious. And many beverages containing rice have been suggested, one of which is a fermented rice punch. The rice punch uses Polished Rice whose embryo bud is removed through polishing process. Compared to the unpolished rice, the polished rice lacks vitamin B group, mineral, essential amino acid, and the like, which may cause a modern disease. Therefore it is preferable to use unpolished rice for the nutritious beverages.
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