Food Grains
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Peanuts (Mungphali, Singdana)
Our healthy range of boiled Peanuts (Mungphali, Singdana) and roasted peanuts are extensively used in various recipes. Our peanuts are of good quality and are available in packing as well as loose as per the requirements of our honored customers. However, due to the easy availability of our delicious peanuts worldwide, we are identified as one of the leading steamed peanuts suppliers and roasted peanuts exporters from India.
Green Lentil (Toor)
We provide hygienic Green Lentil, which is procured from the reliable producers of India. We are well reckoned as one of the leading toor dal exporters and organic green lentil suppliers from India. This green lentil is natural and free from any kind artificial color, preservative and other toxic material. They are in high demand due to their taste and purity
Black Matpe (Black Beluga Lentil, Black Urad)
This is one of the smallest of the lentil family. Shiny black in color and easy to cook. Makes a beautiful garnish, also great in soups and salads. They look like caviar after cooking.
Indian Brown Lentil (Masur)
Full flavored round, brown, flat and extremely versatile. An excellent extender and substitute for meat. A great base for sloppy joes, lentil loaves, burgers, chili, casseroles, soups and salads. The Lentil's high protein content is said to be more easily digested than that of larger beans. High in iron.
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